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Play online poker or buy a lotto ticket?

During the past 15 years, the game of poker has seen an enormous increase of popularity across the Globe, mainly due to television coverage of big tournaments. By using so-called hole cams, spectators could see the players holdings, which makes watching so much more entertaining. At the same time, the game has become more available to the general public because online poker rooms have flourished with Millions of players from all kinds of countries.

Online poker is extremely convenient, and even playing on your mobile phone has been available for years. The downside of that online poker trend is the fact that now players are able to play an enormous amount of hands in rather short time. Multitabling is very common, and the rate of hands played per hour is much higher online. That has lead to a situation where the average skill level of the players is much higher than it used to be. It is a fact that it is much harder to beat the game now than it was 10 years ago.

So, poker is great fun, but it is difficult to make money from it. But what about the lottery?

Well, anyone can pick some numbers and buy a lottery ticket. No skill necessary. Ok, you can use hot/cold number statistics in the hope to increase the probability to pick the winning numbers. You can use your own personal "lucky numbers", birthday dates of loved ones etc. I even know a guy who, on a weekly basis, goes through the routine of asking total strangers on the street for their date of birth, writing them down and using the dates to play the lotto.

Anyway, no matter what some people may tell you, there is no scientific strategy. Each numbers combination, mathematically speaking, has the same probability of being drawn as the next one. The only way to increase your mathematical chances is to wait until the jackpot is high. That may not change the odds, but at least if you should win, the payout is higher.

Also, consider making use of a new trend: using sites like to get tickets for international lotteries. Those jackpots you cannot buy a ticket for at your local lotto shop, but online you can take your pick from 30+ jackpots, larger than what is available to you. This gives you the option of always using your money for a lottery that offers a sizable jackpot. That is a smart way to Play international lotto, and the only way to really improve your chances.

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