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Main Aim of Playing Craps

Craps – The names enforces every casino lover to close his or her eyes and imagine the beautiful table of craps, inviting you to make big profits by devoting a small part of the day to this exciting casino game. The online casinos have flamed the popularity of craps to an extent that it has become possible for every individual to burn the leisure and earn some worth for the bank balance to grow. But, in order to attain a competitive edge on this popular game of fortune, it is a good idea to learn simple rules and make use of some wonderful tips to enhance the probability of winning.

You are ready to allow dice numbers to rule your fortune; here we begin to facilitate you with nuts and bolts of craps, the most popular mycasinoadviser game in an online casino. Online craps facilitates more than one player at a time. The underlying aim of the game is to bet on numbers or combination of numbers, as a pair of dice is rolled on the craps table. The players may also bet against numbers or combination of numbers. In this way the game progresses to ensure a full-fledged session of fun and excitement.

Role Players of Craps

In an online craps session, there are 4 key role players surrounding the crap table. Let’s discuss the key function of each of these players:-

Boxman acts as the referee of the game and is an active spectator of the game to check against ant types of frauds or illegitimate strategies.

Next is the role of dealers, who are two in number. The role of each dealer is to facilitate the winners with pay off and scrape the chips of loser.

Stickman is the action man of the game, who actually intervene in the flow of craps and possesses the set of dices for the players to choose for shooting.

Beginning the unlimited fun

In order to begin the thrilling and spine chilling session of craps, the following procedure is followed:-

First of all, each of the participants in game decides their bets, which are popularly referred to as “pass line bets”.

Then, the stickman selects one of the players to start the game and roll the dices. This is popular with the name of “come out roll”.

If the outcome of very first roll is found to be 7 or 11, the player, who is known as shooter, becomes the instant player of the session. The winner is given the amount equivalent to chips bet by him or her.

In the case of 2, 3 or 12 rolling on the dices, the shooter gains the status of loser and returns the chips owned by him or her to the dealer.

Box point is determined by remaining numbers, which are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Now, the new aim of the shooter is to obtain the number once again.

However, if the shooter is unfortunate enough to roll 7 before that, he or she loses the game.

One must be prepared to experience a stretched craps session, as thrill keeps on adding with every subsequent roll.

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