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From then to now: the evolution of the slot machine

Modern slot players don’t know how lucky they are.

Today’s online slot games on mobile and desktop provide sleek visuals, fast-paced gameplay and exciting cash prizes. There are hundreds and hundreds to choose from, boasting a variety of imaginative themes: immerse yourself in foreign lands playing Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, tame ferocious beasts in Dragon Champions, or reach intergalactic heights playing Starburst. The possibilities really are endless.

It shows just how far the slot has come since the days of the humble Liberty Bell. This 1891 mechanical machine is believed to be the first slot machine in history. It was made by the inventor Charles Fey and provided just a single pay-line running across 3 reels. Players had to pull a lever to make the machine spin and then wait to see if they had won a prize.

Whilst it may not sound impressive to today’s online players, the Liberty Bell was revolutionary for it’s time. After proving an instant success in it’s hometown of San Francisco, other manufacturers soon began producing their own slot models to satisfy growing demand across the USA. And by the time we’d reached the half-way point in the 20th century, the slot had made it’s way to British shores where it entered mass production and became affectionately known as the ‘fruity’.

The discovery of new technologies saw the slot continue to evolve, now at a phenomenal pace. In the ‘60s, machines became electronic. In the ‘70s, video slots were developed. In the ‘80s, new bonus features made machines even more exciting.

The most remarkable change of all, however, took place somewhere in the ‘90s. The slot machine moved online and digitalisation allowed game software companies to really push the boundaries of the slot’s capabilities. Online games were able to provide more pay-lines, more immersive gameplay and more special features than ever before, paving the way to the slots we now know and love today.

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